Welcome to Glossa Estate

NOTICE of annual general meeting

Date & Time:
30 Simone Place, Glossa Estate
04 December 2018 at 18h00
Cornèl de Jager
Members of the Glossa Estate Homeowners Association
Tactical Edge – Mr. Joseph Saayman / Gideon Matthee

1. It is of importance that you attend the AGM as important issues regarding the proper management of your security area will be discussed.
2. A quorum of at least 25% of all members entitled to vote, either in person or by proxy, needs to be present at the AGM for it to be considered legal and for voting and decisions to take place.
3. Only members whose accounts are fully paid to date are eligible to vote in this meeting, either in person or by proxy.
4. If you are not able to attend the meeting, please appoint a Proxy to exercise all or any of your rights to attend, vote and speak at the meeting.
5. Please also note that we urgently need Nominations for Directors, as some of current Directors have indicated that they intend stepping down and will not be available for re-election. Please make use of the  Board of Directors Nomination form to either nominate yourself or eligible person in Glossa Estate.